On December 7th, 2019, four FIRST Lego League teams from William Berczy Public School competed in the Markham District High School Tournament. Under the mentorship of FRC Team 6866 members Michael Zhou and Robert Cai, FLL team 48775 Berczy Bots 8K earned the Core Values Award and 48778 Berczy Builders 2K20 earned the title of District Champions!

Berczy Bots Picture 1

Starting October 2019, William Berczy students have attended after-school meetings twice per week to prepare for the three components of FIRST Lego League: the Robot Game, the Innovation Project, and the Core Values Activity. Dedicated students spent these meetings designing, building, and programming their robot from scratch to complete objectives in this year’s FLL Game, City Shaper. Furthermore, students also participated in team-building activities for their Core Values presentation. In addition, students prepared their Innovation Projects by identifying problems with local infrastructure and buildings, coming up with solutions through research, and obtaining valuable profession opinions through email correspondence, phone calls, and video interviews.

Berczy Bots Picture 1Berczy Bots Picture 1

Since William Berczy’s robotics initiative was started in October of 2018 with the help of our members, the program has grown from one team competing in FLL and YRDSB Skills Challenge in the 2018-2019 school year to four teams competing in FLL and two teams competing in Skills in the 2019-2020 school year. The program has provided over 50 students in grades 5 to 8 with the opportunity to explore their interests in robotics, engineering, and science and to collaborate with peers who share their interests.

Berczy Bots Picture 1Berczy Bots Picture 1

Team 48778 Berczy Builders 2K20 will be going to compete in the Durham College Provincial Tournament in January, 2020. Keep up the good work and go Berczy!