On December 8th, 2018, The William Berczy Pubiic School’s FLL Team 41807 Berczy Bots competed at the Markham District Competition. The team earned the Rising Stars Award and placed 7th overall out of 15 teams attending.

Berczy Bots Picture 1

Our journey began in the summer of 2018 when our team visited the school and gave a presentation about FIRST and a demonstration of our 2018 POWER UP robot. Many students expressed interest in starting a FLL team at Berczy. In October, the Berczy Bots officially started holding meetings. Several members from Team 6866 have been mentoring the team and overseeing the meetings.

Berczy Bots Picture 2

On December 8th, we competed in the Markham District Tournament, the team gavee a very informative and creative presentation about staying healthy and fit in space using exercise bands as well as vitamin and nutrient suppliments. In the robot game, the team continually improved their performance through the day, learning and building on each match, ending with a score of 69 points.

Berczy Bots Picture 3

Congratulations to Berczy Bots on your season!